House, MD.

“I just need you to remember me.  I need somebody to remember me … I just need to die knowing something was different because I was here.” (Homeless Man)

I’ve never questioned myself before.  My worth.  My meaning.  Up until recently, I’ve lived a life of constant validation.  Surrounded by a sea of people that knew me, liked me.  Worshipped me.  I was somebody.  Now I’m not.  So the way I see it is, I have two options.  Number one: resign myself to being “just another face in the crowd”, somebody you don’t give a second thought.  Or number two: stage another takeover. Just between you and me, I think it’s time I take back that tiara.  🙂  I refuse to die begging to be someone’s distant memory.  No, when my time comes – you better believe it is going to be a tragedy.


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