About Sweets

I’m just like every other twenty-something year old girl.  A torrid mess of impulse and emotions, beginning to realize that I don’t actually know everything.  Desperate to find steady ground, yet having too much fun to sit still.  I talk fast but think faster, which I blame for my seemingly absent-minded nature.  I overanalyze things I care about, forget things I don’t, and repress things I don’t want to remember.  I lust hard, relish infatuation, but fall in love with very few.  I spend almost every moment of my being searching for that spark that comes with finding someone whom you have an intoxicating, whirlwind chemistry with that charges in your life and turns your world upside down. And when I find it, I’m hooked like an addict in the worst way.  I get very confused between fantasy and reality and often mistake and/or overlap the two.  I live in moments, and thoughts, and emotion, so although you may not find my day-to-day diary posted, you’ll leave intimately knowing the inner-workings of my mind and heart.  The top five feelings I live for: 1) butterflies from being pursued by a cute boy, 2) intense, carnal desire, 3) delicious, relentless pursuit of what I want, 4) comfortable, unconditional love that can only come from family, and 5) knowing I made a positive difference in somebody’s day.  Failure and rejection, though known to happen, are never options for me.  At the end of the day though, all I really want is to know that I matter.  Don’t you?

— Sweets


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  1. You sound like my kind of woman! 😛 Welcome to the World of Blogging!

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